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Arrange Independent Medical Evaluation

Insurance personnel may at times request that an IME be arranged, particularly when despite numerous interventions the claimant reports minimal improvement.

Referral letters with relevant and case-specific questions are prepared, along with available medical information and documentation, and then forwarded to an appropriate specialist.

Arrange Independent Therapy Evaluation

There are times when the current rehabilitation services are not yielding the desirable results and the claimant reports that there is minimal improvement with the current therapy.

In these instances, an independent therapy assessment is valuable in offering new direction that may be needed to help facilitate the claimant’s rehabilitation.

Arrange Occupational Therapy

Sometimes services such as functional assessments, job site analysis, cognitive rehab programs and clinic based occupational rehab programs are valuable tools in assisting the case manager facilitate a claimant’s rehabilitation and return to work.

When required, medical support for the assessment is obtained prior to arranging occupational therapy services.

Facilitate Return to Work

Obtaining medical clearance is essential in facilitating a return to work.

Sometimes, a functional assessment may be required to assess the claimant’s readiness to return to work in either the pre-disability job or an alternate occupation.


Arrange Exercise Programs

If recommended, claimant and disability specific exercise programs are arranged with certified kinesiologists.  Follow-up is usually required to ensure compliance and goals are met with the program that has been arranged.

Interview Lean Physician

In person or telephone interviews are held with the claimant’s lead physician. If this is not possible, then written reports are obtained.

Topics typically include:

  • diagnosis
  • prior history
  • medications prescribed
  • investigations to date
  • referrals made
  • recommended treatment
  • work restrictions
  • return to work readiness
  • prognosis