Available Services

Full Rehab Case Management
This includes interviews with the claimant, family doctor, specialist (if needed), employer, and treatment providers. A comprehensive initial report is[...]
Interview With Claimant
Once a referral is received an interview appointment is made with the claimant.  Usually, this is done in the claimant’s[...]
Interview With Treatment Providers
Interviews are held with the treatment providers such as physiotherapists, psychologists, chiropractors, massage therapists and acupuncturists in person and/or by[...]
Interview With Employer
During this interview the nature and duties of the claimant’s job is discussed. Ease back to work planning and an[...]
Interview Lean Physician
In person or telephone interviews are held with the claimant’s lead physician. If this is not possible, then written reports[...]
Arrange Exercise Programs
If recommended, claimant and disability specific exercise programs are arranged with certified kinesiologists.  Follow-up is usually required to ensure compliance[...]
Facilitate Return to Work
Obtaining medical clearance is essential in facilitating a return to work. Sometimes, a functional assessment may be required to assess[...]
Arrange Occupational Therapy
Sometimes services such as functional assessments, job site analysis, cognitive rehab programs and clinic based occupational rehab programs are valuable[...]
Arrange Independent Therapy Evaluation
There are times when the current rehabilitation services are not yielding the desirable results and the claimant reports that there[...]
Arrange Independent Medical Evaluation
Insurance personnel may at times request that an IME be arranged, particularly when despite numerous interventions the claimant reports minimal[...]

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